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Danville Details

Table Measurements
Danville has a variety of tables available for your use during your Danville event.
  • 4 - 5 ft round standard banquet tables
  • 12 - 8ft rectangle standard banquet tables
  • 100 black padded resin folding chairs
  • 2 - Buffet kiosk servers - woodgrain tops, black table skirts included - 92 inches long each
  • Cake table - 24" x 48"

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Information for your special event

The Danville staff wants your day to be wonderful so below is some helpful information concerning your venue rental.

  1. Final payment is due 30 days prior to your event.
  2. A liability policy is required for any event at Danville and is purchased by the client. The liability insurance waiver is due 5 days prior to your event. The website is: www.theeventhelper.com
  1. The rental of Danville is rental of the venue only with overnight stay(s) depending on your package choice. It does not include any items such as cars, fire pits, etc.
  2. There will not be anyone available to assist you with decorating. The Facilities Coordinator has responsibilities that must be attended to prior to and during events. Please be sure to have someone in charge to be responsible for decorating.
  3. Live music must be approved by Danville prior to the event.
  4. Any use of open flame during your event must be approved by Danville before your event.
  5. The hanger door is required to close at 10pm. The event may continue inside the Downtown area.
  6. The volume levels are monitored by a decibel meter. Your DJ is required to keep the volume levels under the specified level during your event.
  7. You are required to have the Photo Booth Attendant if you are using the photo booth. She must be paid 10 days prior to the event. Send checks to Danville BnB made out to Jessica Shaw.
  8. Danville does not provide any cups, dinnerware, napkins, food or drink or ice. You will typically need at least 7 bags of ice for an event.
  9. Danville provides the use of our tables and chairs. We have 100 black padded resin chairs, 4 – 5ft. round tables and 12 – 8ft. rectangle tables.
  10. Danville provides the use of the staging area in the catering kitchen as a courtesy to its clients. Its use is for staging a pre-prepared catered meal. If you wish to use appliances, ovens, or refrigeration equipment, there is a fee for their use. Please see Danville management and make arrangements. Supplies, utensils and consumables are the property of Smoking Joe’s catering.
  11. Danville does not provide linens.
  12. For two day packages, breakfast is provided only to the wedding couple on the morning after the wedding.
  13. Extra guests on the wedding night must be approved by Danville prior to the event. As a policy, only the wedding couple are overnight guests on the wedding night. No one is to be sleeping on the parlor furniture.
  14. The Danville staff will assist in gathering up any decorations while they are in the process of cleaning the venue. You are required to have all decorations removed by check out time at 11 AM.
  15. You are responsible for the actions of your guests. Danville reserves the right to request the removal of any guest based on their actions.


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